Top 10 Are Not Consolidating Entries

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For a long time, if I ate something at 10:00 A.M., and then the same food at 11:00 A.M., when I hovered over a nutrient, it would show the top 10 and consolidate those two same foods as one food. As of a few days ago, I notice that same food is showing as two separate entries in the top 10. Inasmuch as we can only show the top 10, instead of the top 25, less information is conveyed to the user. Can an option be given in settings to consolidate or not to consolidate entries?


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    This was happening with a custom food that I entered twice today. When I entered the food, twice, on a separate day, the two entries weren't presented separately in a Top 10 list. Let me delete the two from today, and re-enter them. That will probably fix the issue.

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    I notice this too, sometimes its consolidating and sometimes its not. When its not consolidating, I need to delete one of the entries, and use the other entry of the same food in the diary, copy and paste it, and then its consolidating. Seems there is a bug.

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    Thanks for reporting this guys! Sorry, we must have missed seeing this somehow! Is this occurring on the website, or the mobile app, or both? If possible, please forward screenshots of the discrepancy to support@cronometer.com. Thanks!

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