Make an option in the Oracle to suggest from the foods I've eaten in a user-defined time period

The Oracle is pretty useless for me because it shows me foods I would never eat for one reason or another (food intolerance, local availability, doesn't fit into my lifestyle, choice I make on what is unhealthy for reasons unrelated to the missing nutrient, is some strange hyper-processed ready made item, or I simply dislike it).

Maybe some people would use the Oracle to suggest them foods they never eaten before, but I don't find this useful. It would only be useful if it allowed to limit searching to foods I've actually eaten already, and be able to limit that to a define period (only today, last week, last month, last year, ever, custom period), as sometimes my choices change and things I've eaten a long time ago I would not eat any more, or simply because of logistics I would only be able to actually eat items I have on stock, which are likely items I've eaten today or on the last week.

That should include my custom foods. Not sure of the Oracle even considers custom foods now, never saw it suggest one even though I have plenty. I only put custom foods in the diary because I add some nutrient values which are missing, like iodine or molybdenum, and also rename the foods by the names I actually know them by, which are sometimes different.

BTW, please add boron, its an important element, even though there is not much data, we can add the data ourselves for the foods we eat from research papers.

Being able to select from categories doesn't help, because they are very broad.

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