Graph color coding inconsistency

The graphs in My Diary are color coded:
Fat is Green
Carb is Red
Protein is Blue.

The graphs in Trends are color coded:
Fat is Red
Carb is Blue
Protein is Green.

No big deal, but confusing.


  • Strange. My colour coding for macronutrients is consistent (same as your Trends'). What OS or browser are you using?


  • I’m using iOS 11.1 and
    Safari on my iPhone 6.

    I don’t know how to insert a screenshot to this box but they are definitely different.

    And it makes sense that the Fat would be green while the Carbs is red (as in Good / green and Bad / Red).

    I don’t remember having this same problem on my iPad.

  • Are you seeing this discrepancy on the iOS app, or in the web version?

  • It's in the iOS app. Version 2.0.3

    In the iPad app (also version 2.0.3) the Trends chart also shows Fats as Red.

  • Fix will be in next update. Thanks for reporting this.

  • Is there a way to change the macro colors? Mine are the same as Nagar's was: Protein (Blue), Fat (Green), and Carbs (Red), but the Trend colors match accordingly. My guess is that I accidentally set the Dynamic Macro Targets to High Fat / Keto early on, but changing them to something else doesn't change affect the colors at all.

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