It would be nice to have Total weight in the General section in the diary

It would be nice in in the diary, perhaps in the General section, to have Total weight. You can manually add up Ash + Water + Carbs + Fat + Protein (which should be around total weight, but not always 100% accurate), but having a dedicated field would be more clear.

While its not directly useful as a nutritional value, its interesting from pure curiosity, as well as allowing some form of data validation with custom entries, for example if total weight is very different from Ash + Water + Carbs + Fat + Protein then likely some data is way off, as well as allowing some manual calculations on groups of items or whole days, for example easily calculating the question now much of nutrient X all fish I've eaten today had on average (after selecting said fish - which would show the sum of all fish weight). Also answering the question what is the total mass of all vegetables I've eaten today, by selecting all these vegetables.


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