Copy to/from another user's food group or day?

If my wife and I have an account, is there a way to copy a day or a food group from one profile to the other? Perhaps an export, though not ideal?
Most of our meals look the same w/ different quantities.

Thank you!


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    Unfortunately I don't believe this is possible. You can share custom foods (including recipes) if one of you subscribes to a gold membership and you link your accounts as friends. If you prepare the meal as a recipe, you can then both log the recipe (explode it in your diary if you want your diary to show the individual foods). This method does have the drawback of cluttering your list of custom foods with a bunch of one-off meal recipes.

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    thanks @robartsd! that's unfortunate! I was really hoping even for a long way to do it. I think it still beats MyFitnessPal in that everything (everything!) there requires a page reload, which can get on your nerves pretty easily.
    Here's hoping for that sort of feature soon!

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