vitamins on shop prepared food

I buy ready prepared potato carrot and swede mash but none of the vitamins show what can I do?


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    This is typical for foods that are not in the lab tested databases. Sometimes I try to create a recipe for a food if I eat it often, starting with the ingredients list. It is tedious adjusting the amounts of the various ingredients to get as close as possible to the lable information. I'm trying to figure out how to automate the adjustments in a spreadsheet. So far, I've been most successful using matrix math to calculate portions of ingredients based on a subset of nutrients listed on the label, but this sometimes fails completely.

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    thanks - I can give trying to create their receipe a go. At least not too many ingredients.

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    edited August 2020

    I've been working on a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to make it easier.

    Enter label information you would like to match in the column labeled "Target". Insert enough columns between "First Ingredient" and "Last Ingredient" for the ingredients you will use, then enter the appropriate information from Cronometer's database entries. The "Computed Mass" row will automatically calculate a combination of those ingredients to match a subset of the nutrients (number of nutrients used is equal to number o ingredients). To select which nutrients to use, the deviation values for each nutrient across all ingredients is divided by the value for the nutrient in the target (calculation hidden in column A) and the highest values are selected. If there is no combination of the ingredients that can exactly match the selected nutrients, the calculation returns an error. All nutrients entered are calculated from the computed combination of ingredients and displayed in the "Computed Result" column. Sometimes an exact match for the selected nutrients leads to an ingredient with a negative computed mass or other nutrients with values that are far from the target - checking the "Ignore" box for one or more of the exactly matching nutrients may lead to a better overall match.

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    fIs it possible for you to give us a copy fo the spreadsheet here as a download? Is that permitted?? Maybe support could post it

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    It is currently a Google Spreadsheet shared publicly (read only) on Google Drive. You can make a copy to your own Google Drive then edit as you please. I don't know of a way to download Google Sheets without first converting them to a different spreadsheet format. Unfortunately key functionality makes use of Google's ArrayFormula function which does not translate directly to Excel. I'm not interested in making an attempt at converting the format, but someone else is welcome to try.

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