Importing cronometer csv file gives parsing error - Content is not allowed in prolog

I exported several foods from the cronometer web interface to my laptop in order to import them into a different stand alone machine running cronometer (under Linux). It seems the export works just fine, but when I go to import any of the files I get this parsing error message:

"Content is not allowed in prolog."

See attached photo for details:

The csv files look OK in a text editor. Here is the text from one of the files:

$ cat food_hempseeds.csv
Food ID,Food Name,Comments,Amount,Energy (kcal),Alcohol (g),Ash (g),Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (g),Caffeine (mg),Water (g),B1 (Thiamine) (mg),B2 (Riboflavin) (mg),B3 (Niacin) (mg),B5 (Pantothenic Acid) (mg),B6 (Pyridoxine) (mg),B12 (Cobalamin) (µg),Alpha-carotene (µg),Beta Tocopherol (mg),Beta-carotene (µg),Beta-cryptoxanthin (µg),Biotin (µg),Choline (mg),Delta Tocopherol (mg),Folate (µg),Gamma Tocopherol (mg),Lutein+Zeaxanthin (µg),Lycopene (µg),Retinol (µg),Retinol Activity Equivalent (µg),Vitamin A (IU),Vitamin C (mg),Vitamin D (IU),Vitamin E (mg),Vitamin K (µg),Calcium (mg),Chromium (µg),Copper (mg),Fluoride (µg),Iodine (µg),Iron (mg),Magnesium (mg),Manganese (mg),Molybdenum (µg),Phosphorus (mg),Potassium (mg),Selenium (µg),Sodium (mg),Zinc (mg),Carbs (g),Fiber (g),Fructose (g),Galactose (g),Glucose (g),Lactose (g),Maltose (g),Starch (g),Sucrose (g),Sugars (g),Added Sugars (g),Sugar Alcohol (g),Net Carbs (g),Fat (g),Cholesterol (mg),Monounsaturated (g),Polyunsaturated (g),Saturated (g),Trans-Fats (g),Omega-3 (g),Omega-6 (g),Phytosterol (mg),Alanine (g),Arginine (g),Aspartic acid (g),Cystine (g),Glutamic acid (g),Glycine (g),Histidine (g),Hydroxyproline (g),Isoleucine (g),Leucine (g),Lysine (g),Methionine (g),Phenylalanine (g),Proline (g),Protein (g),Serine (g),Threonine (g),Tryptophan (g),Tyrosine (g),Valine (g)
184471,"Hemp Hearts, Organic Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds","Nut Facts from label","g",226.67,,,,,,0.50,0.14,,,0.21,,,,,,,,,42.67,,,,,,,,,,,26.67,,,,,4.80,240.00,2.93,,600.00,,,,4.00,4.00,4.00,,,,,,,,,,,0.00,17.33,,2.00,13.33,2.00,,2.67,6.67,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,13.33,,,,,

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