Alcohol randomly added to total calories

Today I suddenly noticed that my total calories have 9% from alcohol. Which is weird, because I didn't have any alcohol at all. When I looked at the Trends page, I saw that my weekly intake included 8% of calories from alcohol, and the chart of calories consumed suddenly had an added layer of alcohol across the whole chart (whereas I barely ever ate or drank anything that contained it). This wasn't there yesterday.


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    edited September 2020

    Yes, not only did I also have alcohol added but my macronutrient percentages suddenly changed dramatically. And I have never added alcohol of any kind into Cronometer because I don't drink alcohol.

    On a day that was 8% protein two days ago. (I made a screen capture video of it so I know it was at 8% and I rarely go above 10% anyway.) Now that same day shows 33% protein. And of course my carb numbers are way down and my fat numbers are way up.

    So something is very wrong with that function of Cronometer at the moment. And no I don't want the alcohol number to appear on that "Consumed" calories graphic.

    Also I checked my partner's cronometer and she had the exact same change or problem. We're using laptop computers to view this. But I just looked on my Android phone and am getting the same nonsense with the Cronometer app. Except that the calorie breakdown on my phone is different than on my computer.

    Phone says I consumed 61% protein so far today. However on my laptop it says 82% protein for the same day. Numbers are obviously way off and different.

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    Mine is saying that the shrimp I ate are mostly alcohol

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