Really trying to make a smartwatch decision

and integration is important.

Right now I have a fitbit charge HR but it is nearing the end of its life and I am torn between Ionic and Vivoactive 3. I know the Fitbits have more integration but it seems the only thing I need from the Garmin is weight ans assume there is a way to manually record that in the Cronometer.

Questions-How well is Garmin Integration actually working?
Questions-Entering weight manually?

I love this app! It is so helpful to actually get your nutrient values all at one time. And since I eat pretty much unprocessed it is all t here! Gold is awesome with the reports and balances.

Of course any device suggestions are welcome. My main activities are, and will be, walking and kayaking then maybe some bicycling and my goal is fitness (62 YOF, RHR 61, weight loss program) ultimately some light weight training and really trying to pick the best new device. Leaning towards Garmin.

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