Vitamin A not connecting to Apple Health app

Hi, due to different units (I am guessing), the Apple Health app is not getting any data on Vitamin A from the Cronometer app. Can this be solved in any way?


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    Hi @VitaminA ,

    This is caused by the fact that current data mapping for Apple Health only allows Apple Health to read Vitamin A in Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE). RAE is the best way to measure vitamin A because it takes into account all the types of vitamin A we can get from foods (i.e. preformed vitamin A and precursors, like beta-carotene). Unfortunately, the data for RAE is not available for most branded foods.

    I would recommend using generic foods from USDA/NCCDB that will have these values to get the most comprehensive nutrition information with more complete RAE/Vitamin A data. For more tips on how to get the most nutrition data from Cronometer, check out this blog post on the topic: https://cronometer.com/blog/6-tips-getting-nutrition-data/

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