Add Food and Custom Recipes Suggestion/Discussion

Hey everybody! I LOVE Cronometer. I have a little feedback for the way foods are added to the diary.

-It would be nice to have dedicated radios added to the main "Add Food" screen instead of having to apply a filter, then having the app remember the specific filter. It's not a huge deal, but it would streamline the user experience and ease of use for adding food to our diaries. An idea would be to add a radio button row below the search that could read from left to right (with fancy icons of your choosing). I attached a template image to support the look and feel (don't judge the "vodka" entry, it's election night). My little edit is just a simple thought on what could be, with "All Foods" and "Custom Recipes" being the most important, in my opinion (because smoothies!).

-The Custom Foods are awesome, and I love creating my own recipes for smoothies, but I can't remember the ingredients from time to time and need to have a look. It would be nice if custom recipes had their own "ingredients" drop-down above where the summary of their nutrients begin. It'd be nice to be able to click that, throw the ingredients in on my food scale, and then add it to the diary when done reading it! So "Add Food > Custom Recipe > ex. "Avocado Smoothie" > Ingredients Drop Down option." Right now we have to "Add Food > ex. "Avocado Smoothie" > Top Right Hamburger Menu > Edit Custom Food > Back > Add to Diary" to see our ingredients and then add them to the diary. Hope that makes sense!

That's all I have! Thanks for all of the great work and I hope these suggestions help in the everyday improvement of your fantastic app! I sincerely think you're the best food tracking system out there.


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