Inconsistent login since 3.5.5 b764 update

Galaxy Tab A6 / Android 8.1.0

Since the last update, 9 times out of 10, the app hangs on the Cronometer screen after the logo has reduced in size. The only way to login is to disable wireless at which point the login screen appears then enable wireless and tap the login button.

I have uninstalled / reinstalled, cleared data & caches all to no avail.

Have had to uninstall current version and install 3.5.4 b759-AF-s1 and disable auto update on the play store which solves the issue for me.


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    Spoke too soon, same login problems with version 3.5.4 b759 as I had with version 3.5.5 b764

    Now trying version 3.5.2 b732-AF-s1 ..... will report if this sorts my problem

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