Meal Planning help: give us the ability to search the food database by nutrient

As it stands, your app is a diary, not a planner. Ie, it lets me enter my food and it tells me what the nutritional content is. For planning, it would be SUPER helpful to allow me to enter a nutrient and get a filter-able list of foods that will provide a descending amount of that nutrient. Currently I find I have to do a ton of searching outside of your app in order to plan a healthy day's food intake that matches my dietary choices, preferences and restrictions. I would much rather get the job done inside the app. The oracle isn't an effective planning solution, because the Oracle can't be filtered effectively -- I am eating whole foods, never a "meal" or a "dish" prepared by a company, so a large percentage of the Oracle's responses are useless to me.


  • Is that not what the Oracle does?

  • I agree however that most are usless!

  • If you deselect all categories you can get better hits however

  • Having taken another look I see what you are saying. The category whole should be included as supplements is. There is no indication what whole refers to, or for that matter what to mean by whole. I think perhaps another category of 'ingredient' could be added to a new food entry and to the oracle list which make it even easier, if people tag the foods of course.

  • puterman,

    in fact I either didn't get the Oracle interface initially or it's changed since the last time I checked, but you're right. it does pretty much do what I'm asking for. thanks for your reply.

    do you see a way to add a nutrient, say, boron?

  • Haven't found that yet. I also want to add boron.

  • The Oracle ranking is by the highest amount of the nutrient per calorie or gram. I'm Low Carb, it would be nice to have the option to search for the lowest amount

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