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The fasting function is the main reason I bought the membership and it's rather primitive. Always seems hard to change the start time of a fast. Also would be a great option to NOT have it time specific. Just opened ended. Or have it keep tracking fasting time after the time is over and I still want to keep fasting.


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    Hi, @Wanderin_Jack

    Well in my estimation you can. You can start a fast then end it when you start eating again. Alternatively you can track it with your watch (make a note on Cronometer.com only takes a few moments) then make a time stamp when you eat next.

    I assume you are asking for an automated button that you press (starts fasting) press again (ends fasting). To me this seems like a bit of a mute feature because I personally add the time I finish my last meal then when I add my breakfast I can clearly see that I have fasted for say 12 hours anyway. But I understand where you are coming from. It would be more convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Best thing I can say is ask here: https://forums.cronometer.com/categories/feature-requests

    Post a "New Discussion" and be clear on what you are asking for

    p.s. On the App (at least my android app) I can scroll across at the top* and there actually is a play button which simply allows me to activate a fast as and when I like although as I stated I don't really see the point if I utilise the time stamp function.



    Live Well,


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