Bug - Meal kCal Totals No Longer Displayed

Hi, I'm a Gold subscriber on Android running v3.5.6 (b782-AF-s1) and I no longer have the meal (group?) totals showing up where they used to be. Is this a bug or a removed feature? I really loved seeing how many calories each meal is. I've attached a screenshot and indicated what I'm thinking used to be there...

By the way, I LOVE the explode option on meals. Totally changed how I use the app.





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    Whoops, of course I find the solution after I posted this. I had to go to Settings > [Display] Diary Groups > Diary Settings > Show Group Subtotals > Calories. I'm not sure how that setting got changed on my end.

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    Hi @Grant thanks for reaching out, we had a small hicccup with our release of our new options for diary group subtotals, but it has since been fixed - glad you managed to find it! Check out the other options if they interest you as well! You can now choose to show a summary of your macronutrients, kcal, or, simply match your summary column choice!

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