Bady Fat calculator

I would like to suggest a new feature: including a body fat calculation based on girth and weight measurements using something like the Navy method, or the Ketogains calculator.

The Ketogains crew are HUGE fans of cronometer and I would hazard a guess they would love to see this feature added to cronometer based on their work if you wanted to reach out to either Tyler or Luis.

It should be a fairly easy feature to add since all the heavy lifting has already been done.

Navy calculator example:https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/navy-body-fat
Ketogains calculator:https://www.ketogains.com/calculator/#body-composition

Obviously, these methods aren't 100% accurate but they give results that a close enough for most people.


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    I've asked for the same recently by app feedback and was told this was a great idea and they will transmit that to the devs. As to if they do it or not, I don't know. Wait and see I guess.

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