100% Nutrition

Hi, Crono-users.

I challenge you to add me and track your nutrition side by side and see if you can achieve 100% of you nutrition goals (only those considered essential). You are allowed to copy and even ask for assistance. The key here is to use verified sources of information. So a protein powder that only supplied the contents as protein without displaying the amino acid profile is useless. Likewise if you set Ash as a goal and do not research which of your foods contain this substance you will end up failing (even if you reached your goals) because you did not create/update the database. Complicated to begin with but gets easier especially if you bulk cook. For example, I usually make a 2 x 5 day meal prep on Sunday so when I could my calories throughout the week even if they are slightly off one day they balance themselves out (and when talking grams with vegetables the nutritional and calorific profile is negligible) so you only have to watch out with high calorie foods like nuts for example.

Up for the challenge? Add me or drop me a message here. I'll try and check in multiple times a weeks. Thanks,

Stay Well,


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