Happy Holidays! We are gifting our public beta group DARK MODE!

We've got a holiday gift for you! Dark mode is here! We've submitted both builds to the app store, and it looks like Android users will get the public beta update shortly, but the ios app store is closed until December 26, so iphone users may have to wait a little longer before it is released to public beta.
One important thing to note: Your app will default to dark mode upon updating - if you want to switch it back to light mode or use system preferences, go to settings > theme and choose "light" or system". Once you have done this, you MUST restart your app for it to properly take effect. This will be resolved before our final release, but is a known issue in the public beta.
Please let us know what you think, and if you find any areas of the app difficult to see, or missing dark mode functionality! We are so excited about dark mode - we hope you are too!

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