All European custom foods with fibre in them are wrong

Fiber is subtracted from net carbs on the European label.

When I'm creating a custom food and add carbs and fibre as written on the label, cronometer subtracts fibre from carbs despite the European label already showing net carbs in the "Carbohydrate" field.

I don't know of any more impactful disparity between European and American labels.

Now that I know about it it's just the hassle of adding up net carbs and fiber, but a person who doesn't know about gross carbs on the American label will consume more carbohydrates than they intend to, because this error carries over to summary.

I hope you fix it soon and that you notify people when you fix it, because it will break my custom foods that I edited to work around the error.

Negative net carbs on my veggie cheese balls. If only!

Error carries over to summary.


  • Hello @foo ,

    If you are using the website to create a custom food, you can change the nutritional table format to 'European', and input the numbers directly into the Nutrition Facts table and you will get the correct Net Carbs calculation. Otherwise, if you are inputting the values into the 'American' format or in the fields below (and on the mobile app) you have to enter the sum of the European carbs plus fiber under Carbohydrates.

    Hope this helps :)

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  • foofoo
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    @Marie_Eve_H Thank you, and for the quick response! That solves my problem. I thought I had to have missed something and indeed I had :)

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    Indeed, here in South Africa, I had missed that as well. Being outside USA, I have to create many custom foods and I always do on desktop not mobile.
    Now I know I must select the European or Aus/NZ label to get the correct net carbs automatically saved when creating a custom food...... light bulb moment! :smile:

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • From many helpful threads in this forum, this was the most helpful one!!

    Turns out, most of my custom foods are wrong and now I am on a long journey of correcting them all.............

  • Not necessarily Lolinda? Did you actually add back fibre to carb totals?
    Maybe if you use the EU or Aus/NZ label and save, it may be right..... I'd be interested to know how you go with it.....

    Cape Town, South Africa

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    The problem is that I used the default setting: american label. Here I entered the European values, that is, fibre is extra! So so so many wrong custom foods!!! Even worse, I do not know where I have taken the values from. Many I will have taken from European labels, but others from american databases....
    hours of work ahead .....

    Please save others from the so many hours of pointless and avOidable corrections that I am facing now. I ask for as little as 1 setting: are you European / Aussi / .... or US?
    Then, when this is set, display accordingly as a DEFAULT.

    Also, there is the issue that the detailed nutrient breakdown is always in the US format. If it is much work to change this, it would be wonderful to alert the user the first time when creating a custom food to the problem. Just 1 simple pop-up!

    Then, when this setting is there ... may I have a further wish?
    Americans use an astounding variety of measures: oz, lbs, cups, ....... grams
    The whole rest of this planet wonders about this plentiful ... :smile:
    When viewing a food, would it be possible to have 100g as the default unit for Europeans?
    All European food tables and all nutrition books and everything on every label and absolutely all things nutrition are per 100g in Europe

    • I always switch to grams first, and then change from 1g to 100g when looking at any food....
  • Lolinda, is it possible to make a copy of a custom food and save the copy as a European label, quickly adjusting the carb/fibre values - if/ where needed - in the Eu label itself before saving?

    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Can we please have a setting: Are you US, European, Aussi, ....?

    This setting would have the following effects:

    • Display the respective nutrition label as a DEFAULT
    • display the same in the detailed nutritional breakdown of the food
    • For Europeans, the default unit when viewing a food would be 100g (In Europe absolutely every nutritional info is always per 100g. I always have to switch from cups to grams, and then change from 1g to 100g. I tell you that every European I ever talked to on nutrition were just shaking heads about the astounding variety of US units... oz, cups, lbs, grams... You know here in Europe we have smaller brains maybe but we can handle only grams :smiley::smiley::smiley: )
    • If someone enters a custom food the first time, a popup appears asking the question: Are you Aussi, US, EU, etc
  • This issue remains confusing for people not using American labels.
    I would love regional settings along the lines of what Lolinda suggests. Hopefully we'll get to use the comma for decimals too :smile:

  • Not a solution, but after having this happen to me a few times I picked up the habit of selecting the "european label" option and comparing the site's table with the one on the product line by line before saving the changes. Most of the times I remember to add the fiber to the total carbs only after I notice the values don't match.

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    bug report:

    I tried now entering values in a custom food using European labels. Very strange bug: I entered the carbs, 24.3g per 100g. Pressed enter. Crono corrected the value to 12g!!! I produced some ugly swear words...... :D
    Tried again. again the same.
    I have the screen shots saved. Unfortunately this ..... forum does not let me upload the screenshots. it asks for some URL when I tap on the image icon.

  • @Lolinda, upload the image to google photos or any image hosting, share it and you'll get an url. That's the url you have to paste between the image tags.

  • Thanks for the hint... and now read my confession: I do not use any image sharing....
    But you know what, I think at this point Crono is in charge. They should make bug reporting reasonably simple. I am ready to invest time into bug reporting, most users are not. But I believe in a fair sharing of efforts and the part of Crono here would be to make bug reporting simple. I get stubborn because I think I am right :D:D

  • Hi @Lolinda, you should be able to upload photos to this forum! Click the image icon labelled 'Attach image' at the top of the text box. Alternatively you can also email us at [email protected] with images (Our support email provider does not process very large images though :() You can also email my personal email address which I provided you via the support email.
    We would love to help you with your bug!

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