Garmin Connect moving sleep data to wrong day

Hi, I've recently switched over from FitBit to Garmin, and while Garmin has been better in almost every department, the synchronization with Cronometer is clearly not their priority. I understand that they're probably not helping at all, considering they have an integrated MyFitnessPal service on their Connect Dashboard.

However, would it be possible to adjust a small issue that keeps happening on my Cronometer? Basically, all the data Garmin shares is correct, but it systematically uploads the sleep data to one day in the future. So my 12/27/2020 is logged on 12/28/2020 etc. I've only been using Garmin for a few weeks so it hasn't created a huge backlog of necessary adjustments yet, but it's a consistent bug. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


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    Hello! Not sure if this was solved for you, but I was having the same issue and I just disconnected Cronometer from my Garmin (and vice-versa) and re-connected it, and sleep started showing up on the correct day. Hope that helps.

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