Trace Minerals

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Can you include a nutrient tracking option "trace minerals" (tracked in milligrams).

There are around 70 trace minerals which are often found in sea salts and some types of mineral complexes. these are a lot of minerals to track and often in such small amounts, but it would still be helpful (and relatively simple to implement!) to add a single item in the nutrient list to know whether a supplement or product contains notable amounts of trace minerals. For example, see product 2531768 (concentrace mineral drops from the Great Salt Lake). Looking at the nutrition fact sheet really does not indicate what this (and other) products are all about and what they contain.

For instance, I may have a daily goal of 400mg of trace minerals, but Cronometer will not help me in this regard because there's no way to track it.

tldr - add a nutrition fact called "trace minerals" in the minerals section. if that's not an option, then please consider just adding all 70 trace minerals which have been identified by experts.. I'm happy to provide you a list as a starting point!

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