gold edition? professional edition?

I'm curious about the editions you can purchase? Can someone explain the differences and the benefit to it? I see a lot of gold edition folks on the forum threads.


  • @VeggieGirl , depending on how you use Cronometer, Gold and Pro could both offer some useful extra features for you! The Pro Version includes all Gold Features plus the ability to track Client's diet, activity and Biometrics. The Gold Version allows you to "Ask the Oracle", shows more reports and trends, Allows you to sort your diary into groups and share custom foods and recipes with friends and contains no adds. You can learn more about both versions here:

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  • The Gold page offers little information, and the video is over 2 years old. Isn't it time for a video update, and some more info about the Gold edition?

  • @Hilary, If I got the pro edition, Id be able to use it to log foods for both myself and my husband? Im currently using mine to mock his up, which I then have to pen & ink it onto a piece of paper, and then adjust for myself. But it gets tedious...esp when adjustments are needed!

  • @haeclark you can do this with the Gold version by sharing Custom foods and recipes.

    With a gold subscription, you can send a friend request from the Profile tab, find the Sharing section, then Add Friend. Once the request is accepted, your friend will be able to add your custom foods and recipes to his or her diary and vice versa. Only one of you needs a Gold subscription in order to share custom foods and recipes.

    If you are eating the same dinner for instance, create a recipe on your account and save it. Then when he logs in to his account he will be able to enter the same recipe that you have created into his diary!

    If you need to adjust the recipe in his account go to the recipe you have shared with him and select "Edit a copy". Then you can change amounts of specific ingredients in the recipe. You can also delete or add foods to the recipe easily by seecting "Explode recipe" in the diary window.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions on this topic and I'd be happy to help!

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  • Oh! Ok! I'll get on helping him set things up then. Logging out and in to each of our accounts is a lot less hassle then manually writing things down. Time saving too!
    Thanks for the clarification and the tips @Hilary! =)

  • @haeclark one way you could save even more time is to open your and your husband's accounts in different browsers and that way you wouldn't have to log in and out. On a regular big computer, for example, you could do one in Chrome and one in Firefox and on an Iphone for example, do one in Chrome and one in Safari.

  • Oh yeah! True indeed @bluedove! =)

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