KetoFast Setting, my daily target is 350kcal per day every day

Is this actually what I'm supposed to be eating? I thought the program was meant to vary from day to day.

Advice would be appreciated from other ketofasters!


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    edited February 2021

    If you are actually fasting your kcal for the day will be your base rate + an amount over and above that depending on what you activity setting is. (See Activity level in your Profile)

    The base rate is determined by your weight/age etc and the equation you choose to use under the BMR section in your profile.

    This does not change if you are fasting because it is the amount of estimated energy you expend just to stay alive and that goes on every day whether fasting or not. I am not going to play with my settings to see how you can get 350 kcal for a day but to be honest I don't think that is possible.

    I am 69.3 kg and my BMR at that weight is 1413 using Mifflin St Jeor with 283 added for sedentary. So basically I have to have 1696 kcal per day to maintain weight if I am not exercising.

    Adding exercise will raise that amount and it is possible, if you do a lot of exercise and do not eat, to get well into negative figure BUT your BMR remains the same come what may until your weight changes.

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