Samsung integration

Thank you so much for the samsung integration. But it seems that the steps aren't coming over along with the associated calories. Is that suppose to happen?


  • I'm having the same issue with Google Fit + Cronometer on Android. v3.60 b814-AB-s1. Seems to have started in the past few days.

  • Hi @Nes227_ and @Grant Could you provide a bit more information about the issues you are experiencing? If possible, screenshots comparing your samsing health/google fit diary with what is getting posted in your Cronometer diary would be great! If you don't feel comfortable posting this information to the forum, you can always forward to [email protected]. Thanks!

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  • Yeah sure! My temporary solution has been to disconnect Google Fit and then immediately reconnect it. That will "start" syncing for the day with walking time from Google Fit; I only have to do it once a day, and then Cronometer continues to update my walking time as I go through the day.

    Here I show what my exercise
    A) looks like yesterday 01.21 in Google Fit and Cronometer, after disconnecting/reconnecting Google Fit in the morning
    B) looks like today 01.22 in Google Fit and Cronometer, before disconnecting and reconnecting Google Fit;
    and C) looks like today 01.22 in Cronometer, now that I have disconnected and reconnected Google Fit from Cronometer once today.

  • I have to disconnect and reconnect everyday it will bring over exercise if I record some type of work out like a bike ride or gym work out but it doesn't take Into account daily steps. It doesn't bring that over or the calories associated with them. The most accurate way this app works for me is to import to fitbit via health sync. Fitbit seems to be more accurate reporting to cronometer.

  • this is great, thank you both very much for this extra information - much appreciated! We are looking into the issue!

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  • If I may add a request to this thread, the option to import the TOTAL daily calories burned from the Samsung Health app into Cronometer. It imports exercise but exercise plus BMR is not total calories, because Samsung's total is BMR, exercise, and all other activity registered.

    Thanks for the integration with Samsung Health, I really appreciate it.

  • I am here trying to figure out if Crono will pull in the daily calories burned from Samsung health. I agree that would be great.

  • Sorry, but what's the usefulness of Samsung Health integration if the basic diary information entered in Cronometer is NOT synched? Am I missing something?

  • I would like to also suggest getting daily calories burned from Samsung Health as an integration feature request

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