HELP: How to set a custom BMI goal?

I want to set a goal of 50kg with a 17 BMI, how can I do that? I cant find a way to change the BMI goal other than changing the weight goal.


  • @gmxc you can't change a BMI goal but as the BMI Calculation is based on weight, changing your weight goal will adjust BMI accordingly.

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  • Thats exactly what I dont want to do, I want to set a custom Weight and BMI in order to set her to pursue a lean AND big body. Big muscles and low fat %.

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    BMI is calculated based only on height and weight. As height is not a modifiable biometric, it remains that weight is the only modifiable factor of BMI, making a weight goal and a BMI goal directly correlated. While BMI can be a useful and easy estimation to measure health, it is not an accurate reflection of body fat percentage.

    If you are looking to monitor your fat percentage, I would recommend using a more accurate method. There are a number of methods available for this, the most user friendly being measuring skin folds using fat calipers.
    Currently, the Gold Standard Body Fat measurement system is using the "BodPod" which measures air displacement, similar to Hydrostatic Weighing which also achieves statistically accurate results. These two methods are not cost effective or user friendly and it is unlikely that someone will measure their body composition in this way as a monitoring tool.
    Fat Calipers are more user friendly but you will have to learn how to use them effectively and accurately, and someone else will have to measure your skin folds to get an accurate reading. You can then use these measurements to calculate %body fat and you can track it in Cronometer by adding the biometric "Body Fat" to your diary on the day you measure.

    You might consider an easier method of measurement of overall health such as the Waist-Hip Ratio (Waist/Hip=WHR). This is something an individual can do easily and quickly with no special tools needed except a measuring tape. The measurement gives a unitless value which an individual can use as a goal.

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  • Yep, thats it, Im looking for a specific fat % goal, Im a bit confused dealing with so many terms in english, sorry for that. My friend have a trained professional to do that to her, so we would to keep that checked periodically and then we would to adjust the diet and exercises in order to keep meeting the periodic goals.

  • @gxmc , If you are getting this measured by a trained professional, that is the best option! You can enter the value given by that professional as a Biometric on the diary page under "Body Fat". Be sure to update Body weight accordingly as this is what will affect the weight loss/gain goal's Caloric deficit requirement (You can see this on the Profile Page)

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