Should Cronometer database include generic restaurant food options?

edited January 2021 in Feature Requests

Even before COVID-19, the process for entering nutritional information into Cronometer for food eaten at restaurants was an unwelcome chore. Restaurants often don't provide any information and Cronometer doesn't have much in the way of generic menu items. It becomes a research project and can get delayed, which means tracking is incomplete and consumption is unknown. Instead of having users build their own recipes that average out what they chance upon in existing Cronometer entries or create themselves, shouldn't Cronometer offer "generic" and/or unbranded "restaurant" menu items for us to choose from? With all the food we get delivered now during the pandemic the need for this is greater than ever. Wouldn't instant generic estimates from Cronometer professionals be better than our own amateur estimates days, weeks, or even months later?

Should Cronometer database include generic restaurant food options? 5 votes

Instant generic menu items would be useful to me.
sweetramonaPanglossKackerlackaSamieljoementum 5 votes
This feature would not be something I'd use.
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