Link a new food to an existing one

It would be awesome to link a new custom food with an existing one.
Macro nutritional information values on the foods I buy here are very different than the generic ones. I would love to use the information provided on my food but still get the missing information from a generic food from the NCCDB.
This way I could get at least a little bit of a better estimation about micro nutritional targets when using food that is not in the NCCDB.

Example: I scan a can of tuna which isn't in the database, the app asks me to add a new food and I accept. At this point I would like to get asked if I would like to have a underlying food as base, which I would accept of course :blush: , and I would choose "tuna, canned" from the NCCDB.
My can only shows macro nutritional components, which I enter into the form. Now any additional information contained by the underlying food would still add to my diary. (In this case Omega 3 and Omega 6 I guess)

On a technical level it should be just a link rather than copy&paste the information. In the detailed view of the food it should be visible when a value is coming from an underlying food.

I think this would be an awesome feature!


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    For foods I know I'm going to add regularly, I have created a copy of the generic food then edited it to add the values from the food I actually have, and saved it as a custom food. Your feature suggestion would be great, though, as it would save me the hassle of doing this!

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