"Save As" for recipes

I'd like a Save As feature for recipes. When some ingredient isn't available and I have to substitute, I can't just change the ingredient in the recipe because it filters back through my history. I have to create a new recipe using a different name and use that going forward. It would be very helpful if I could just change the recipe and save it to a new name. Then I wouldn't have to recreate the entire recipe every time I can't get 1% milk (for example).


  • I frequently change up a recipe for the same reasons you give. Click on SAVE and a popup will appear asking if you want to change previous entries. Click on no.

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  • Thanks comanchesue. I don't see Save, I only see Save Changes and when I click it there's no pop-up. However... I did (finally - derp) notice that there's a menu icon (3 vertical dots) and if I click on that there's an option to Edit a Copy. Exactly what I needed. :-)

  • The popup question only appears if the recipe has been used in the diary. It also retires the old entry making it hard to go back to the old entry. Edit a Copy is the way to go if you want the original to continue to appear. Would be nice if there was a way to get that functionality without having to choose Edit a Copy as the first step.

  • Thanks robartsd. I have used the recipe almost daily in my diary (it's my morning coffee). So I don't know why the popup isn't appearing. Anyhow, good to know about the original being retired.

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