Nutrition data for black beans and navy beans are exactly the same

The nutrition data for "black beans, canned, drained, low sodium" is exactly the same as the data for "navy beans, canned, drained, low sodium". Could this be an error in the database? I would think there must be at least some minor differences between the two.

Thanks. :)


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    Hello @CalMark ,

    Thanks for pointing this out, this is a good question!

    These values for the black beans and navy beans have been provided by the NCCDB, and their values are supposed to represent the nutrients for the average navy bean and black bean consumed. Chances are that the NCCDB compiled results from different lab analyses and research papers for a variety of similar beans, such as navy beans and black beans to provide us with a comprehensive nutrient profile. Also these two beans are both varieties from the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), which could explain the NCCDB's decision of merging their nutritional values together.

    The USDA has slightly different values for 'Beans, Black, Mature Seeds, Canned, Low Sodium', however there are not as many nutrients analyzed. There is also no USDA entry for low sodium canned navy beans.

    I really recommend you read our latest blog article on getting the most from our nutrition data!


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    Thank you for that very intelligent answer. Good information. :)

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