Quick print option for the Daily Diary

I use Cronometer for meal planning in addition to tracking in order to hit my macro-nutrient goals which means I add food to the diary for the next two or three days so that I have a plan to stick to. It would be nice to have a feature where you could be in the diary on Monday, select "Print Meal Plan" and it would produce a print out of your day's meals similar to how its presented on the screen. It wouldn't need all of the macro info just the meal plan, i.e., 1 cup of egg whites, 1 can of sardines, (2) slices of whole wheat bread. Etc. Then I can print it off and stick it on the refrigerator and know exactly what I am supposed to eat and prepare for the day when I am in the kitchen. Its a good reminder and it keeps me from calling Audibles when preparing my meals.

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