Quick nav between diary and recipe

Feature request: I’d like to be able to quickly see the recipe information - specifically the ingredients - of a diary recipe item.

One option might be to swipe a recipe item in the diary and have a menu option to view its associated full recipe, I would then want to have a single click return option back to the diary item.

Alternatively, and perhaps more user friendly, is to let me have a pop-up from the diary entry with the associated recipe. This would allow to close the pop-up and be back where I was in the diary.

Another option would be to list the recipe information in the item details window that displays when you click on an item in the diary. Perhaps this would be the easiest and more intuitive approach.

To accomplish this now I have to either manually navigate back and forth, which is cumbersome, or explode the recipe, which permanently destroys the single recipe item entry in the diary.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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