Ability to view average nutrient intake per meal in trends

Some nutrients such as calcium and B12 are important to spread out over meals, as the body cannot absorb more than a limited amount at once, and so ingesting more than that amount at once is either harmful to the body or at best, of no benefit. For example, taking in more than 2.4 - 6 mcg of B12 at once (depending on the form) will not correct B12 deficiency in the same way as ingesting the RDA of B12 at each of 3 meals that day. One cannot absorb more than about 350-500 mg of calcium at one time, and ingesting larger amounts can actually cause harm.

I'd like to be able to view a trend report in which as a rough approximation of how well someone is getting nutrients from their diet, it will show me my average intake of calcium and B12 per meal (optionally, include snacks as meals) while putting a cap on the maximum amount it is accepting per meal. That would help to show that for example, eating one big meal of oysters a month is not going to cut it, nutrition-wise, for trying to meet one's B12 requirement if one is otherwise a vegan. This would better help me to assess dietary progress toward correcting a deficiency.

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