Negative Entries

When I buy something premade like a salad that comes with dressing it would be awesome if I could look up the calorie count for the dressing and enter it as a negative and use my own dressing. A lot of the calories in a premade salad that comes with bleu cheese dressing is from the bleu cheese. Is this even possible?

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  • Hi!
    I know this question dates back to march, but yes, you can do this.
    Simply add a minus sign before the amount recorded.
    ex: -20g bleu cheese dressing

  • As MaggyeD points out, this is possible by just adding a - sign to any serving size, be it grams or cups or whatever.

    I use this extremely frequently to get an accurate weight in recipes where the water content of ingredients has been naturally cooked away. I weigh all of what I've cooked (say a stew) then in the recipe I add -300g of water or whatever the discrepancy is. Then when I serve out of the big pot for the next several days, I can just weigh what's in my bowl and know I'm getting the correct nutrients and calories recorded.

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