Changing Serving Size after Cooking Recipe

No sure if I just can't figure it out, but I've been using Cronometer a long time and can't seem to lol.

When I input a recipe, to track my portion, I simply weight what I put in my plate in grams - using the serving size of 1 gram as opposed to 1 serving of a recipe for a more accurate entry.

What I'd like to do is be able to add an additional serving size of the full recipe cooked by weighing the entire recipe after it's cooked and making that weight a serving size in grams, then weigh my portion in grams like the above example, but using cooked weight/calories as opposed to the pre-cooked calories. By doing do, the weight/calories will be more accurate, since it would be an apples to apples portion size.

Is this possible? I hope this makes sense.


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    You can add the recipe ingredient "tap water" and use positive or negative grams to adjust the final recipe weight. So something I turned into a recipe a couple of days ago had -120g of tap water added after the fact to balance out to the final cooked weight. And since I made the adjustment after adding 45% of the recipe to my diary, I allowed Cronometer to adjust my existing diary entries!

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    The entry for "tap water" includes some minerals (all the water entries in the public database do).

    I created a custom food "pure water" that contains only water that I use to adjust cooked weight where I assume the primary weight loss was water and the ingredients I used had their water content listed. I also created a food with 0 listed nutrients that I called "~ adjust weight after cooking" and log that to adjust the cooked weight if significant ingredients are missing values for water content. Others have created servings based recipes and create a serving called "grams" setting the number of servings equal to the final cooked weight in grams.

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