2 accounts and kids accounts

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hi, how do I keep track of 2 people? Also does chronometer work for kids (want to see if she gets enough nutrients)


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    I have 2 accounts myself with different email addresses. I have been using both Android apps (one not free but without ads; the other originally intended for gold subscribers). They recently updated both apps to share the same name and logo and that got a bit confusing, but I could still manage 2 accounts on the same phone.

    The key I think is different email addresses and browsers (even if one on normal browser and the other in incognito), but if managing it on the go is important, I wouldn't know how to manage more than 2 at the same time. Perhaps Professional Edition?

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    We do not have a setting for Children, but you can adjust nutrient targets accordingly. The Pro Version allows users to add an account that you can manage. Learn more about the Pro account here https://cronometer.com/#pro

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