Making better Cronometer graphs

I always wanted to make a smoother trend graph, and it turned out quite interesting, I think just a little smoothing could be nice depending on how many recorded days you have:
Smoother graph test
Would love to hear if you have other ideas to make beautiful or more insightful graphs out of cronometer


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    Good point and artful graphic.

    By the time I found Crono, I'd been tracking weight and nutrition for a couple years and recording the data daily in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Was pretty easy to create charts based on automated columns of seven-day rolling averages.

    Doesn't address the "how to in Crono" question of course but maybe the bump will encourage a more helpful reply.

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    This smoothing is a feature I really want.

    In terms of the particular graph shown as an example, the energy intake graph, I'd also like the ability to show the TDEE on the same graph.

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