Do daily targets change if I’ve under/overeaten the previous day?

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If I do not meet a macro target on one day does that mean they will be adjusted to compensate for this the next day in an attempt to get macro targets met on average over a few days? How does this apply to vitamin and mineral targets?


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    @Josh_2021 I'm pretty sure there's no automated transfer of under/over-eating to the next day. What average should it aim for, anyway? 1 week? 8 weeks? All time?

    Even when using the ketogenic calculator with dynamic targets, it's "dynamic" impact is only on the current day, based on the current weight and today's exercises.

    You can of course transfer a delta manually, but keep in mind that e.g. drinking every day 3 liters is not the same as drinking 6 liters one day and 0 liters the day after.

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    This makes perfect sense. Thanks for clarifying :)

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