50+ women

Hi -
I gained 10 pounds in the past year and trying to lose. It's been really hard. Would love to hear from other 50+ women!


  • I gained 20 from my gym closing then I had shoulder surgery. I had good success with Leto prior to that, but fell off the wagon this last year. Restarting today with tracking my Leto food and intermittent fasting.

  • I'm 52 and have also noticed a MUCH more difficult time with weight loss. I already eat a very healthy whole food diet and am not extremely overweight. What helps now days is to eat really low fat as well. No oil, full-fat cheeses, fatty meats, or eggs, etc. We can get plenty of fat from our own bodies while dieting. Healthy carbs and proteins, we can't get from our body. I mean, we can, but we don't want to, because that means breaking down muscle tissue.

  • I recommend reading “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung. He explains how our bodies and hormones work as we eat certain foods. He is an endocrinologist in Canada and has successfully helped people reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight. He also has great videos on YouTube.

  • I have lost 85 lbs in the last 2 years doing a reduced calorie, low sodium, high Protein Diet. I joined the gym, going at least once a week. Eating healthy and taking a Whole food multi-vitamin/multi mineral Vitamin Alive women's 50+. I've been writing all my foods in a food log daily. Still not at my normal weight with 18 more lbs to loose. I will be 70 next month.

  • I am working on my last 8.5 lbs. It is so stubborn. I am tracking carefully.

  • Obese over 50 going back on keto, low thyroid.Had jumped off of keto because of acidic symptoms and gained weight lost back.

  • I loose Wright with plantbased lowfat wholegrain. But when you Not Like to Count calories Look Youtube Chef AJ and Dr. Michael Greger News book How mit to dort...and hier YT nutritionfacts.org.

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