Nutrients in 24 Hour Yogurt

Whole milk with the 24 Hour setting on an Instantpot and strained overnight.

I've seen lots of different macros on the internet. Anyone have an accurate carb count? Some websites say it is even edible for lactose intolerant people.


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    I also make yogurt in the Instant Pot and strain it. I've been recording it in the diary as "Greek yogurt, nonfat, plain" (NCCDB) but I believe as a commercial greek yogurt, that isn't made with fortified milk so it doesn't accurately represent the yogurt I make with fortified milk (which has added vitamins A, D, and C added as a legal requirement in Canada). I can easily calculate how many servings of yogurt I get out of the milk used but I don't know how to calculate whatever is lost in straining.

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