"Suggest food" to take account of more than one day, not just today

I'd love to be able to set the "suggest food" function to analyse previous days as well as just today when making suggestions. Nutrition is about more than just what you eat in one day, and I have always taken the approach that it's more important to get a balanced diet over the course of the week rather than obsessing over being perfectly balanced each day.

Sometimes I may have eaten a lot of a particular nutrient the previous day so I really don't need much of it today, yet the "suggest food" function keeps telling me to eat more of that nutrient!

In an ideal world I'd like the number of days to take into account to be customisable by the user, so that I can look at, say, just the previous few days, the previous week, or even over the whole time I've used the app (there are a few nutrients I've noticed I tend to have been short on historically, which I am trying to make more effort to include in my diet now, some of which are nutrients that are stored in the body so it's worth me trying to compensate for past deficiencies). But if it's easier for the app developers to have just one option then either 1 week or 3-4 days would be OK.


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    I've now been using the app for quite a while and this is *still* one of my most wanted features! I love the idea of the "suggest food" function in theory, but in reality it is rarely useful for me.

    For instance over the past week I've consumed over 150% of the target amount of folate, yet when I clicked on "suggest food" today it kept suggesting things high in folate, even though there are other nutrients I definitely need more as I tend to consistently struggle to meet the targets in some of them. I would love it if the app could take account of my past week's consumption in making suggestions.

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