Font size on Fire HD Tablet

It does say on the install page that it isn't optimised for my device.

However if there is any way to get the minute font size increased it would be good.

I first used Cronometer on my Fire mounted on my kitchen wall. The small font size almost was a deal breaker and I nearly moved on to finding another app to purchase.

However, because it was excellent in all other respects I stayed with it. There may be others that are put off by the fact that it is hard to read.

The font size can be changed on the Fire but it only changes the numeric keyboard and doesn't affect the size in the app. I find it difficult to read with out my glasses which I don't use in the kitchen as I can read everything else.

Using the accessibility settings makes the screen oversize so that it has to be moved from side to side to view. That in my opinion is unusable.

There would be a workaround possible if you could make the white space in the middle of the screen size-able. At the moment there is a tiny food label a lot of white space and the calorie value at the far right.

In the android version there is no calorie column shown and everything is visible.

Perhaps there aren't many people using it on Fire to justify the tweaking.


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    I need to correct what I wrote before. The Fire HD doesn't show calories on the right side of the screen and is the same as Android.

    However, the column for weight is shown and the white space in the center column is enormous. If this center column could be narrowed it would allow more space for the text.

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    edited July 2021

    Hi @BJai You rise an important issue that affects all the many people using Crono on their tablets. Not only Fire. Would you mind changing your title into something more general such as "tiny font size on tablets"? This would help to address more affected people. So they can share their experiences, workarounds, screenshots, and most of all, their enthusiasm for supporting this feature request.

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    The font size desperately needs change for iPad

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