ok, make it easier for folks to login to forums, please

This is a 'nit'. But I'm an IT Architect so such things bug me.

If I login to https://forums.cronometer.com/ - I get taken to main interface, then i have to click help, then find forums, then click on that. It redirects to "/sso", then BAM you are at forums home.

I had a bookmark for the URL above sans "/sso", and it redirects to the main cronometer diary interface. every. single. time.

IFF a user must login to cronometer first, fine. But you should document that very awkward requirement.

Now, I'm going to try (next session) a bookmark for https://forums.cronometer.com/sso - and I'll only open it in a new tab after I've logged in to cronometer in another tab. I'm hoping that works, and that I won't be forced to enter the forums ONLY from the cronometer help page.

Thanks for listening ...


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