ok, make it easier for folks to login to forums, please

This is a 'nit'. But I'm an IT Architect so such things bug me.

If I login to https://forums.cronometer.com/ - I get taken to main interface, then i have to click help, then find forums, then click on that. It redirects to "/sso", then BAM you are at forums home.

I had a bookmark for the URL above sans "/sso", and it redirects to the main cronometer diary interface. every. single. time.

IFF a user must login to cronometer first, fine. But you should document that very awkward requirement.

Now, I'm going to try (next session) a bookmark for https://forums.cronometer.com/sso - and I'll only open it in a new tab after I've logged in to cronometer in another tab. I'm hoping that works, and that I won't be forced to enter the forums ONLY from the cronometer help page.

Thanks for listening ...


  • The forum login is a nightmare. If you get an email with a link, it sends you to forum not logged in. Click the sign in link and it sends you to the diary. Then navigate back to the forum and you're not logged in. They're using different cookies for the forum

  • I'm new and find it hard connecting to forums and asking a question on help

  • No one is looking at these problem reports :-(

    Today, I have cronometer (diary) open in a tab, as I do 7x24, all the days of the year. I got a notification, visited link [1] in a new tab, and I SEE the thread. But I cannot comment. 'sign in or register' appears on the page.

    The sign-in link URL is [2].

    Clicking that 'sign-in' link sends me to.......the diary! Where I'm already signed in. So that does not even get you back to the forums, much less to the thread you thought you would see. You STILL must go to help, then click 'say hello' in the forums (bottom right), and clicking THAT, which then shows you as logged in. But again, forget about the thread you wanted to see. It's lost.

    The only way to get to your now-lost thread is to go BACK to the notification email, and get the [1] link from your email, and use it again - THIS time it will work.

    Hey, it's only what, 5 steps? Does it matter that every web site on the planet does this in 1 click?

    From Cronometer, which otherwise wins every award from me, this is just madness.


    [1] https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/15644#Comment_15644
    [2] https://forums.cronometer.com/entry/signin?Target=discussion/comment/15644?

  • 5 steps is a lot!

  • I can do that in 2 steps on desktop:

    Log into your regular account, land in Diary. Click on Help, and then Say Hello under community forum. Boom, you're in.

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