Plan expiry time needs clarification

The time on expiry appears to be 0000hrs on the date of expiry of the Gold plan. I inadvertently allow my plan to elapse because I had erroneously assumed it would expire when it flipped over to the 6th where the plan said it expired on the 5th. We are now the 5th and it has already expired.

Better to make this clearer! If your plan expires on the 5th it should say expires after the 4th or at 0000hrs on the 5th. At present it is somewhat open to interpretation. I have several subscriptions that expire on the day of expiry where that actually means at the 2359 expiry on that day and not 0000.

I hope most sincerely, otherwise I will be a more than unhappy bunny, that at my timed data has been retained and will be restored now I have paid.

Also about time you folks got with it an arranged paypal automatic renewals. Everyone else seems to be able to do it. I won't add a credit card on ANY site for obvious reasons.

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