Syncing stopped completely

Hi all ☺️

I'm a long time user with a professional account and beta tester. I love Cronometer personally and professionally. However, the last week or two all syncing in my app has stopped.

I have Google Fit and a smart scale linked (the latter is via Fitbit connectivity). Both are showing as integrated yet nothing is pulling.

Also, my multi-add option in the diary keeps turning itself off??

NOTE: I have already tried unlinking both services, clearing the cache, storage, and permissions on both sides of the app, and re-linking to no avail.

Thank you in advance to any solutions.


  • I reported this also. My Withings scale still syncs, but Google Fit does not. In fact if I track back by day, all my activity gets erased and just shows my BMR in my activity.

    And did the same, linked and unlinked both apps, cleared storage and cache, removed and reinstalled both apps, even performed a factory reset of my phone. It's kind of a useless app without this.

    Support tells me though they are working on a new integration with Fit. No timeline though.

  • Well, thank you for letting me know I'm not alone, at least 😁

  • I have also this problem with withings scale since 4 weeks but I can reactivate it the browser application. There comes up a pop-up window and I can reactivate it again.

  • Hi guys,
    We released some changes to the Withings integration a couple of days ago. Hopefully this will mitigate the issues you are encountering. If you continue to run into problems, please let us know!

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  • Same thing with Google Fit for me. v3.7.3 b885-af-s1

  • Any updates on the Google Fit syncing issue here? Seems to be prevalent for a few of us. Kind of a big issue at this point.

  • I've noticed that my Google Fit is syncing with other apps perfectly well, which leads me to believe the issue is on Crono's side.

  • Hi guy's we've got a developer working on this issue at the moment; thanks for let us know; i'll be in touch when the issue has been resolved - thanks for you patience, and my apologies for the inconvenience!

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  • Every day sam procedure!

  • I know the fix is in the works, but just wanted to add that I'm also having issues syncing Google Fit's activity log. I also linked and unlinked the apps, reset permissions, and backfilling for my now erased activity doesn't work at all. Thanks for looking into this!

    Cronometer v3.7.3 (b885-AF-s) 

  • Piling on, Google fit stopped synching, and when I go back it actively gets deleted out. Did make a ticket.

    Cronometer v3.7.3 (b885-AF-s)

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    I'm seeing this too. Today my sync with Gfit stopped as well. Yesterday was fine - even this morning worked. But a few hours later, my withings weight (synced through Gfit) and activity synced through Gfit have disappeared. Synced data from previous days also get removed as I go back through the diary, fyi. I rebooted, unlinked/killed/relinked Gfit, etc. Help soon, please. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the reports! I have added your details to our compilation for our developer working on the issue!

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  • Today my Google Fit data stopped syncing as well, Cronometer v3.7.3 (b885-AF-s1). As I scrolled to different days, I could see the previously imported exercise data on them for a split second, and then they were removed. Tried relinking, clearing data/cache.

  • My Google Fit was syncing fine untill yesterday evening, all my exercise data gone for 2 months, I tried to disconnect reconnect, restart phone, nothing works,

    it's more upsetting than I thought it could be ☹️ I got so used to Cronometer, was loving the app so far, that it feels like my whole day was weird without it

    My phone is Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, Android 10, MiUI 12.0.5,

    Cronometer version 3.7.3, April 16, 2021

    Google fit version 2.56.11-132 May 10

  • Hilary, did something change? As the latest update on Android was back in mid-April, and all the above is happening recently. What changed?

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    Here is a workaround that I am using currently if anyone cares: Use Health Sync ( ) to sync Google Fit with Samsung Health (choose "Sync all walks" to get step calories) and then sync Samsung Health with Cronometer. The step count will be wrong in Samsung Health because you can't sync that, but otherwise this seems to work, even if it feels super inefficient...

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    I was wondering the same thing 👀 also wanted to test the mention feature here @Hilary also, would trying to join Beta resolve this, or make it worse? I like the beta website, especially the breakdown of sugars into fructose etc, probably more good stuff, I haven't had the time to mess with it

  • Sync with Google Fit has not happened in three days. Sync with Withings is fine. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled still same issue no sync with Fit.

  • This issue has now been resolved and is being released on a phased rollout. You can access the fix by updating to the latest version of Cronometer 3.7.6 (906). Please let me know if you run into the issue again. Thanks again for promptly reporting this!

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  • I assume phased rollout means I can't get it yet, right? I don't see how to get the latest version. . . Desperate for this fix!!!

  • I have updated to 3.7.6 and still can't sync Google Fit activity to Cronometer.

  • Worked fine for me had to do disconnect Google fit in both the app and on the app in Google fit then reconnect, took 5ish min and everything was back.

  • My app upgraded overnight. After reconnecting to Google Fit, sync works fine. Thanks for the fix!

  • Confirmed also it works after update, and disconnecting from this app and Fit and reconnecting. Brought back all historical data also. Thank you Hilary!

  • Hi @Omi Please reach out to [email protected] and we can look into your specific case! Maybe something else is going on that still needs to be addressed? If you have Google fit importing data from another app or device, that data may still not be importing into Cronometer properly (That is another known issue that is being addressed in an upcoming release) This fix should address any issues with importing data logged directly from google fit though!

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  • Confirming that after the recent update, and after unlinking Google Fit and my scale, then relinking each, both work now. 😊

    Thank you!!

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