Just Plain Ole' Steps... where'd they go?

I don't know if it was intentional — I know lots of people would rather see extensive exercise data (or how many calories they're burning by eating 🙄) — and "step counts" as a meaure of fitness have been given shorter and shorter shrift over the past few years (hence "may be intentional") but between an Apple Watch (which counts steps, and I believe adds them to Apple Health, otherwise what's the point of counting them), a Garmin VivoSmart 3 (which has steps on the home screen), and a freaking Oura watch (which may or not count steps; Oura is voodoo), there doesn't seem to be one way to import and display a simple step count for the day. Steps. Not "exercise intensity" or "workout minutes": Steps.

Am I missing something? Because if there isn't, that's... sorry, but dumb. I'm moving all the time, but it's not an "exercise" per se. I'm not using a rowing machine — I'm making two trips to take the garbage and recycling out. I'm working. I'm shopping.

So please tell me there's a way to pick one device (or work it out in the s-storm that is Apple Health; you'd have to be in an ICU to populate some of the data fields they've got in there) and pull it and display it. Don't muck with it, don't add to them or subtract from them (or add/subtract them to any other workout/exercise/etc) and let me see them for each day.

Putting this in help instead of New Feature Requests, because this used to exist. For every device.

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