New Feature request: search function and data comparison

I would like to second others in requesting the following two features;

  1. In the trends and charts screen I would like to see the ability to compare diary entries of 2 or more days. The rational for this request is to make a more meaningful assessment of what entries contributed to desirable or undesirable nutritional outcomes. This functionality will make Cronometer a useful tool for nutritional status assessment.

  2. A function allowing a search of the "Diary" entries by key word or words, a function similar to that of Microsoft Windows search command: "Control + F". This feature would eliminate tedious, frequently unsuccessful, day by day search in the Diary database for a specific entry, be it food, bio metrics or exercises.

I have been using Cronometer daily for sometime, and have come to the conclusion that these functions are imperative if Cronometer is to be used as a nutritional assessment tool rather than a mere diary.



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    I think I have a similar request. I'm a chart person and use the trends charts to review various items. When I see a "bump" in the trends, I'd like to hover over the data points and see what contributed to the elevated sums. Currently, when you hover over the data point, you see the X-Y coordinate only.


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