Beta Testing Feedback

I wanted to wait about a month after I have been testing to give feedback.

I am an iPhone user and I have a few apps that I use to keep track of health related things.
LoseIt!, Withings Scale, BP & Thermo, Apple Watch Activity, and Apple Health. I use Apple Health as the source of truth since I use multiple apps and they integrate/write to Apple Health App.

I used Cronometer and LoseIt! in parallel for awhile and this last month I just used Cronometer exclusively. The Apple Health integration needs to be improved. Right now it seems that Cronometer is updating Apple Health once a day at 12:00am. LoseIt! updates Apple health in real-time. Any adds, updates or deletes from my meals entered is reflected immediately. With Cronometer, the nutrition data is one day behind since it updates at 12:00am the next day from when I entered my meals. I do like the extra nutrition data that chronometer provides over LoseIt!. But from a reporting and reflecting stand point updated Apple health is important. Maybe as a workaround write the data at 11:59PM, then at least it would be reflected on the day that it was consumed. I really I would like to have realtime updates to Apple Health so during the day I could get an accurate account of how I am progressing.

I though that there seemed to be an issue with Chronometer displaying duplicate health info. After digging into this more it seems that LoseIt! was writing duplicate information to the Health Apple. It would read data from Apple Health and the write that same data back. For Example, weight measurements. So, chronometer is just reading Apple Health measurements of that day and displaying it. So, if multiple entries are recorded in the same day it is displayed. I am ok with that, just needed to understand that's how it was behaving. I got that sorted out by disabling some of the write features of LoseIt! to Apple Health.

Overall I am pleased with the Chronometer app and have not had any additional issues with my using the Beta version.


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