[bug] Notes blanking out items within group

edited July 2021 in Beta Testing

I saw a few reports of blank screens under bug reports, but I don't have Google Fit connected, and know how to reproduce mine.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Set up diary groups.
  2. Add a few food entries to the group. No issue.
  3. On the phone app, add a note to the same group. Group section blanks out.
  4. On the web app, move the note entry down to the middle of the food entries.
  5. On the phone app, see that food entries above the note is visible, but the note and everything under it is not showing up.

Issue: On the phone app, a note added within a diary group will blank out everything else under it.

Device: Pixel 5
App version: Cronometer v3.9.0 (v950-AB-s)


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