Repeating Daily Food Inputs

I have used Cronometer for a few years off and on and one of the things I really think would be a wonderful feature is having the ability to have 'automatically recurring' daily input of repeated foods and supplements. I.E. I take Fish Oil capsules daily, I take Vitamin C daily, I have a cup of Tea Daily.

Wouldn't it be far simpler to automate and populate these items than to copy and paste from the day before?


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    Hi, just a suggestion: If you take several supplements every day, you can create a recipe containing all the supplements that you take each day. Then, just select that recipe each day and you have entered all your supplements at one time. (Or, if you take them at different times of the day, create a recipe for each time you take them.)

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    I agree with the OP

    i have recipes for my pre workouts and vitamins. But if I could push my pre workout meals and vitamins to every day, that would be really helpful and save so much time

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