please introduce 24-hour coverage automated calculation of minutes of each activity for energy usage

I input every activity I do over each 24 hours into the Cronometer diary so that my daily energy expenditure estimate is as accurate as possible. I have Gold so I have timestamps, and I start at 00:00 with sleep, calculate how many minutes was since midnight until I woke-up, then enter all activities of the day since wake-up till falling asleep again, and again sleep till midnight 24:00.

I put each activity with a timestamp, but Cronometer doesn't fill automatically how many minutes there was till the start of next activity, I have to calculate and fill it in manually for every activity, which is a whole lot of unnecessary manual work each day.

If one activity starts at 10:19 and the next one at 11:47, I have to calculate and input that the activity (for example sitting at the computer) was done for 88 minutes.

Please introduce an option that the user wants 24-hour activity coverage, and will only have to fill the timestamps of start of each activity and it would be assumed by Cronometer that the activity is performed until the timestamp of the next activity.

Additionally this could be used for statistics how much time each day is spent on various activities, not only for tracking energy, but for tracking spending of time. I want to see graphical statistics of how much time each day I spend on each of: sleep, cooking, toilet/bathroom activities, eating, commuting, talking, working at the computer, etc.


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    24-hour activity coverage describes an activity band or smart watch. Wouldn’t this sort of device achieve what you need with much more ease? They are quite accurate.

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  • No, a band or smart watch wouldn't know, would have no idea what I am doing (if I am sitting at the computer, walking around or driving a car), and I don't even want to wear something like that on my hand all day. I prefer to just enter manually the time I start a new activity.

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    Oh, yeah, I understand now. You want to track the start and end time of driving your car. Interesting, but wouldn’t the calories burned while driving be part of you BMR or just sitting on your couch? I guess I don’t see how this helps track energy consumption or otherwise achieve your nutrition or body goals. But, yeah, certainly devices like that, or food tracking applications, aren’t really designed for tracking your life to that level of granularity.

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  • @p0wer_lifter "wouldn’t the calories burned while driving be part of your BMR" - no, the BMR is energy (calorie is a deprecated unit, the value in question is called energy, which can be measured in Joules, kJ or the old unit - calorie) consumed when sleeping or comatose, driving a car or even sitting on the couch consumes more than the BMR.

    Just go to Add Exercise, search for "sitting quietly, general" and for example for my weight, 30 minutes of "sitting quietly, general" for 30 minutes burns an extra 40.5 kJ over my BMR. "automobile or light truck (not a semi) driving" burns even more: 202.3 kJ for 30 minutes.

  • Yes, I stand corrected. What I meant to say is not BMR but your general activity setting within Cronometer. So, on average, I would think that without a measuring device like a fitness band, the general setting of ‘light activity’ would estimate driving, and sitting on your couch, and walking upstairs to go to sleep, and all the other little bits and pieces of your life.

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    @p0wer_lifter The general setting of ‘light activity’ would not be a good estimate, as driving consumes about 5 times as much extra energy (over the BMR) as sitting on the couch, so the days I drive all day, I consumed much more energy then sitting on the couch all day, and this would not be taken into account just by setting 'light activity'

    Also if one day I am awake 20 hours (from 02:00 till 22:00 for example), I would have consumed much more energy then on a day that I was awake only 13 hours, for example waking up at 08:00 and falling asleep at 21:00. General setting of ‘light activity’ would not differentiate these days, so I don't use it, I set Activity Level to "None" in that drop-down list, and enter all my activity as Exercise, even if its sitting on the couch.

  • Makes sense. Good meeting you @omegaterus and good health.

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